6. I've just placed my order

  • Can I add to my order?

    I've just placed my order and realised I want to add something. Oh, how annoying is it when that happens?! We can't add items to orders I'm afraid, but don't worry, if you place a 2nd order then send your order number to the KIDLY team via email or the chat window, we'll refund your 2nd delivery...
  • Can I cancel my order?

    Changed your mind? We can cancel your order for you. Although we take payment for your order at the point of purchase, you may still cancel it by contacting us via the live chat button below within 10 minutes of your order being placed, if that's between 8am and 10pm. We'll then stop it being se...
  • Can I change my Delivery option?

    Can I switch between Standard & Premium delivery? I'm afraid we can't change the delivery option you've selected once you've placed your order