4. General Questions about KIDLY

  • Are you a UK company?

    Find out where we are based Yes, we are a UK company. Our company number is 07672877. We are based in Watford in the United Kingdom. Our address is: KIDLY C/O ASOS, Hercules Way, Leavesden, WD25 7GS
  • Are you VAT registered?

    Is KIDLY VAT registered? Yes, we are :) Our VAT ID is GB 215716617
  • Can I change my email address

    It's easy to update your email address If you're able to log in and would just like to change your registered email address, you can do this yourself very easily here: https://www.kidly.co.uk/dashboard/account/changeemail If you think you may have entered your email address incorrectly when y...
  • Do you have a shop?

    Do you have a physical store I can visit to see your products? Right now we're an online-only store. But don't let that put you off! Without the distractions of managing a high street store, we've made KIDLY super easy to find and buy the best things for your 0-5s. Everything is beautiful &...
  • Do you have a telephone number?

    Can I call you by phone? We don't have a phone number but we are available for a real-time chat via the green button down below. We're online from 8am - 10pm GMT every day of the year.
  • Do you offer a first order discount?

    We sure do! We offer a discount off your first order when you sign up to our KIDLY newsletter. By signing up to our emails you'll be first to hear about sale previews, promos, newness & other stuff we think you'll love. Sign up here: https://www.kidly.co.uk/newsletter
  • Is this website genuine?

    I've never heard of KIDLY. Are you a real business? Fear not. We may be new but we are a genuine UK business 🙌 We are registered in the UK & our company number is 07672877. We're also VAT registered & our VAT number is 215716617. Our team are also experienced online retailers, having...
  • My reward isn't showing at checkout

    If your reward isn't showing in your basket it's probably for these reasons The most common reason this happens is that you have one or more discounted items in your basket. To apply the 1st order discount, or any other, reward, you'll need to ensure your basket contains only full price items. ...
  • What ages are your products for?

    Is it just baby stuff or do you sell things for older kids and teenagers too? Our products are for little ones aged 0-5. We tend to talk about them in three groups, Babies (0-18 months), Toddlers (18 months to 3 years) and Pre-schoolers (3-5 years).
  • Why was my name rejected during signup?

    We block the use of certain names to prevent people from creating fake or malicious accounts. We're sorry if we blocked your name by mistake. Your name can't include: symbols or numbers with the exception of hyphen and apostrophe. characters outside of the Latin alphabet more than 40 characters...