4. General Questions about KIDLY

  • Are you a UK company?

    Find out where we are based Yes, we are a UK company. Our company number is 07672877. We are based in Harpenden in the United Kingdom. Our address is: KIDLY South Silo, Thrales End Lane, Harpenden, AL5 3NS
  • Are you VAT registered?

    Is KIDLY VAT registered? Yes, we are :) Our VAT ID is GB 215716617
  • Do you have a telephone number?

    Can I call you by phone? We don't have a phone number but we are available for a real-time chat via the purple button down below. We're online from 9am - 5pm Monday - Friday (closed Saturday, Sunday and Bank Holidays)
  • Is this website genuine?

    I've never heard of KIDLY. Are you a real business? We are registered in the UK & our company number is 07672877. We're also VAT registered & our VAT number is 215716617. Our team are also experienced online retailers, having worked at ASOS, M&S and Tesco, among others. You can rea...
  • What ages are your products for?

    Is it just baby stuff or do you sell things for older kids and teenagers too? Our products are for little ones aged 0-7. We tend to talk about them in three groups, Babies (0-18 months), Toddlers (18 months to 3 years) and Schoolers (3-7 years).