Do you Price Match?

Will you match this price I have found at another retailer?

Yes, in most cases we will price match other retailers, but before requesting one have a look at our criteria for price matching.

  1. The product must be the identical size/colour, make and model to the one in question.
  2. It must be in stock at the other retailer and delivery must be possible within the timescales we offer.
  3. You must contact us before placing your order - we cannot retrospectively price match once an order has been placed.
  4. If you're ordering internationally, we'll match the price the other retailer shows in your local currency.
  5. The price must be the full price offered to all customers, not a personal price to you as part of a reward or any similar scheme. Except...
  6. ...if this is your 1st order with us we will match any introductory offer another retailer has for their new customers on the product in question.
  7. Delivery charges will be taken into account when calculating the price to match.
  8. If the retailer is a different type of trader to us such a membership club or a pre-owned, outlet store, or is in administration or closing down we won't be able to price match them. (E.g. ebay, TK Maxx etc)
  9. We take into account any KIDLY Rewards (such as our first order discount) into the price match - so we can't apply them on top of any price matched price
  10. If the retailer does not offer Free Returns as we do, we will also factor in the return cost the retailer specifies on their website (or if they don't we will add a charge equivalent to our current delivery charge)

Although we do have these criteria we are a reasonable bunch* so, if in doubt, still ask us by hitting the chat icon below or dropping us a note at

*We can refuse the right to price match at any time if any of the above criteria is not met.

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